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Califur 2014 repeater info

Califur 2014 has a UHF repeater at 441.500 positive offset, PL tone is 100 Hz for both xmit and recv. It is a Motorola GR300 refitted with an ID-O-Matic, and voice board running on two separate PVC pipe J-pole antennas.

Operating on the 4th floor. Please enjoy :)

RainFurrest 2011 Calling Frequency

I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, so I figured I'd repost it for anybody going to RF who missed it convention website:
Calling Frequency
If you are a Ham Radio Operator, bring your 2 Meter Radio. RainFurrest is annoucing 146.58 as a calling frequency for convention attendees, while we can't promise anyone from the convention staff will be monitoring, many of us are Hams and have Dual Band radios.
I hope to see some of you there in a few hours!

-- Moka (KR1TTR)
What In Blazes?...
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In The Air Tonight

I have a Hustler 5BTV (five band trap vertical) antenna out by the garden that isn't connected to my Amateur Radio equipment because I haven't gotten around to burying radials and stuff. It just sticks up in the air about 40 feet and does little else until an electrical storm comes around. I have a storm about ten miles from me right now and the antenna itself is collecting enough potential from the air that it's arcing over to the grounded bracket.

As the arcing got faster and faster and the storm got closer, I decided that was a VERY bad place to be standing! Indoors now enjoying my fourth bottle of O'Dell's Five Barrel of the day and relaxing from all that gardening while thinking up some way to harness this energy!



Does anybody reading use a Wouxun handie? I'm after something to get me properly active on 2m but need to work to a tight budget, so these models seem ideal but I want to get some kind of personal recommendation on them first.
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Nice QSO Party

H ere are my first thoughts and comments on the first Furry QSO party / Net:

Nice nets.  I think I heard KC2WQW on 14.288 before he faded out.  Or maybe the solar flare disrupted the ionosphere.  Thanks for posting the log of the digital net that happened on 20 meters.

40 meters was better today.  I heard some ham radio operators checking in. I'm glad that KC2WQW moved the net to 7193 KHz because I heard a lot of noise on 7188 KHz.  Ronald's signal was fairly loud.  But around 1:25 PM EST, he started fading away.

 I tried to check in.  Hey KC2WQW, the RRE station was me.  I am using a Kenwood TS-440 and a 4 foot CB radio mobile antenna.  I think I was only putting out 10 watts.  Sorry we couldn't really have a conversation.  I need to erect an outdoor antenna in the spring or summer.

Thanks to everyone who participated in both nets.  I hope we have a few more QSO parties and nets soon.

Um, that is all I can think of.