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Furry Hams ARC

CQ... CQ... CQ...

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Amateur Radio Furries
Welcome to the Furry Hams Amateur Radio Club! I'm K9LDT, AKA Dobie and I'm your Community Maintainer and Chief Elmer.

Whether you are just getting started in Ham Radio, or if you are an elmer with years of experience, Welcome! Come in, find a comfy spot and start calling CQ!

Feel free to ask questions, post pictures of your equipment (though please put them under a cut!), list items you may have for sale, announce Furry related events at Hamfests or Ham related events at Furmeets and most of all enjoy the fellowship of your fellow Furry Hams.

Please do NOT start drama, drag drama from other places in here, attack, stalk or otherwise bother other members. Please also refrain from using profanity. In short, don't post anything here that you wouldn't say on-air.

If you are just getting started in Ham Radio or if you have questions about getting started in Ham Radio, just ask! We have a number of volunteer Elmer furs who are always happy to help tutor new hams :)

Keep your ears perked for announcements of upcoming Furry Ham Events at Conventions, Hamfests and Furmeets!

All new memberships require approval. Suspicious accounts and rule-breakers will be put on Moderation.
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